Back Story

The Short Version (Credentials)

Background in Education: 

  • Designed, Launched, & Led a New Innovative Public School in the Bronx
    • Facilitated the development on an Innovative Arts, STEM, ELA, & Social Studies curriculum
  • Won an “Innovation in Educational Leadership Award” from Apple
  • Featured on Education Nation Today: Today Show
  • Featured in Daily News & Brian Lehrer Show
  • Selected for NYCDOE Advanced Leadership Institute, trained as a Systems District Leader (by Karen Maldonado, Daniella Philips, & Marisol Rosales)
  • Project-based Teacher (Big Picture Advisor) in a Bronx public school

Interested in Children’s Publishing: 

  • Highlights Foundation Illustration Incubator (Scholarship Winner)
  • Attended 21st Century Children’s Nonfiction Conference, Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators National Conference (NY) 2016 & 2017

Business Traction: 

  • Social Entrepreneurship program through Impact Ventures: Communitas America
    • 10K Start-up Accelerator prize for seed funding
  • Finalist for Camelback Ventures, will be interviewing on Feb. 15th!

The Long(er) Story

“Upstream Storybooks started as a passion project of mine. As a former school principal and an award-winning leader in educational innovation, with two young children of my own, I was extremely underwhelmed by the educational resources in the PreK-12 space that directly connected to innovation, social equity, and sustainability.

I began making my own mini-books and curriculum to share with my children on these topics, and it spiraled from there. Through the Impact Ventures (Communitas America) Start-up program in the South Bronx and through immense community support and feedback, I was able to give my idea wings. After winning a $10K prize from Communitas America in seed funding, I’ve been able to put Upstream Storybook’s mission in motion.

I am very lucky to have been born in a time and place where even as a young woman my voice was valued, and my gifts and talents were nourished. As the daughter of a white American family who always had healthcare and plentiful resources,  and as a recipient of  20+ years of quality public education,  I recognize and am appreciative of the successes that have resulted from my immense privilege. It’s my hope that I can leverage my many layers of privilege (of historical time period, country of origin, of race, of health & wealth, & education) and seek out diverse perspectives to collaboratively design products that promote a better world.

All of this work has been built off the brilliance of others. Thank you to everyone for supporting me on what feels like a very important and worthy venture. “

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—Stacy McCoy Prime

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