Transformational Storybooks & Curriculum


Our mission is to create systems-level change and design a more equitable and sustainable future through culturally-responsive PreK-12 education.  To that end,  our storybooks and curriculum develop children’s interest in and capacity for critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration within a global family.

Equity, Sustainability, Global Citizenship, STEAM, & Socio-Emotional Learning are themes and frameworks we regularly explore. 

The idea is simple, if we want to produce different outcomes as a society, we must produce different thinkers and create new opportunities for them to thrive. 

90% of a person’s brain architecture is formed by age 5, and that architecture has a lasting impact on all future learning. To produce different thinkers in the long run, we must go “Upstream” to the source of how and when our earliest learners are educated and socialized. Additionally, we must re-enforce and enhance the brain schema of learners in these areas as they grow through a continual “revisiting” of key concepts through additional stories, activities, and experiences.

At Upstream Storybooks, we aren’t afraid of examining the systems that have created the outcomes we see in the world today. We empower children with the critical lenses that will help them make sense of and disrupt systems of oppression and exploitation of people and natural resources. Additionally, we empower children with the tools to learn from the past and design for the future. We accomplish this through culturally-responsive storybooks and activities that introduce children to key concepts that position them immediately apply their learning to their own lives.

Throughout human history, stories have been an extraordinary vehicle for teaching and learning.  The human brain is wired for stories, and illustrations provide additional entry points for children to develop conceptual understanding. Words and images are the engineers of our belief systems, shaping how we see ourselves, how we live in the world, and how we see and define “others.” Leveraging storybooks, we can help children form and strengthen key brain schema for innovation, social equity, and sustainability.

Join us to equip the next generation of leaders and change makers with the understandings and skills they need most to tackle the complex problems we face and thrive in a rapidly changing future. 

Please direct all inquiries to upstreamstorybooks@gmail.com.

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